Our 2019 Candidates, Continued...

The Neptune Republican County Committee unanimously nominated two great candidates for Neptune Township Committee—Kendra Hogan of 8th Avenue, and Gary Moll of Hogan’s Way. Kendra and Gary are ready to hit the streets to meet the residents.  While they have their own concerns that lead them to seek public office, they look forward to hearing resident’s concerns as well. 

Kendra Hogan of Bradley Park is the Vice President of Finance for a large Trenton based company, and was previously Chief Financial Officer for a Mortgage Rate Advisory company. Locally, Kendra is known for owning Foley’s Deli in Neptune City for 13 years. Kendra and her wife live nearby several abandoned properties and would like to see more done to require that properties be remedied.  Kendra is ready to address taxes and crime in Neptune.   We can do better.

Kendra’s community efforts include volunteering after Hurricane Sandy to distribute supplies to victims and with Habitat for Humanity to help repair and rebuild homes damaged by the storm.  She also has volunteered with Surfrider Foundation to clean up the Asbury Park Beach where her motto is "always leave it cleaner than you found it".

Gary Moll, a resident of the Wayside Road community, relocated to Neptune a few years ago from Jackson Township, where he was active in Republican politics and served on a number of committees, including the Jackson Technology Committee and the Jackson Citizen Budget Advisory Committee. Gary’s experience includes that of a local business owner, business development, accounting and marketing, including a nearly two-decade career in the corporate world.  He operated a local franchise during his corporate career with his son, and currently he works as the digital marketing strategist at a large, but privately-owned solar company.

Gary is concerned for Neptune Township, and he believes Neptune needs elected officials who will put Neptune first.  He does not think that the current elected officials do enough to attract small businesses and entrepreneurs to Neptune Township.  Small businesses are the backbone of our nation and they inspire job creation.  Gary’s experiences gained from his career paths enable him to understand these needs, which are vital in local communities.

 Hogan & Moll intend to speak with as many residents as possible between now and Election Day.  Visit their Facebook page, “Hogan & Moll For Neptune,” where you can check in on the campaign and their thoughts on the issues.  If you have any questions you can email them at: kendrahogan@neptunerepublicans.org or garymoll@neptunerepublicans.org